Arudy church, view from Rue Baulong

It’s eight years now since we bought a property in SW France. It only seems like like yesterday, that sunny afternoon in a French estate agent’s office, where we made that tentative offer for the house of our dreams.

So much has happened since that moment which is still fresh in my mind, that I felt it was time to set out the experience in a chronological form. I have just begun to put all what has happened in some sort of order and haven’t really done much editing but sometimes I just ┬álike the raw feeling of just putting something out without too much refining.

It isn’t about some idyll in Provence, with lavender fields, sun-washed stone buildings, colourful local characters, or about restoring an old chateau or starting up a vineyard. It is a simple tale of two old bags, my mother and myself and some madcap idea we had one day in 2004 and before we knew it, we had bought a house in the other South of France. My mother was 82 when she bought it and now she is 89, still going strong, so she is a good example of how it’s never too late to do what you want.

So here we are 7 years have gone by and what have we achieved? The original idea was for us to move to France or rent out the place as a holiday let and we began with good intentions but because there is just the two of us, except for a little help from our neighbour and a friend at the beginning most of our plans have since fallen by the wayside. It doesn’t seem to matter though because we are still in love with our French house despite all the ups and downs we’ve endured and hopefully, we will continue to enjoy it for many more years to come.


Karinska aboard Brittany Ferries en route for France

Donkey assault on the Col d'Aubisque

Donkey assault on the Col d’Aubisque

I have set out the story from the very beginning, which includes all the details of the initial search, the process purchasing the house and all the happenings since.

I have also put up a blog for all the latest updates. I have just started so please be patient as I may be doing a bit of editing as I go along.

Part 4 and 5 are now finished.

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